10 Best Email & MailChimp WooCommerce Plugins

It comes as no surprise that WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform on the web. Built on the success of WordPress, this combination has become an online knockout punch for eCommerce entrepreneurs.

And while the vanilla version of WooCommerce packs a lot of punch and includes a surprising number of helpful features for a free download, its robust foundation lends itself to an amazing array of possibilities found in plugins specifically tailored for WooCommerce.

One of my favorite, and usually first, ways to level up WooCommerce is integrating MailChimp. Here are the ten best email and MailChimp WooCommerce Plugins you’ll want to consider adding today:

1. WooChimp – WooCommerce MailChimp Integration

WooChimp – WooCommerce MailChimp Integration is so much more than a “subscribe to our newsletter” during checkout. This MailChimp WooCommerce plugin is the ultimate in WooCommerce MailChimp integration. It’s overflowing with features.

WooChimp - WooCommerce MailChimp Integration

So many features:

  • integrates with MailChimp’s Advanced Autoresponders
  • signup fields associated with MailChimp merge tags
  • previously unsubscribed customers skipped
  • Advanced Campaign Targeting enabled
  • new customers automatically added
  • Ecommerce360 support
  • advanced reporting
  • widget shortcode
  • and much more

Enjoy full MailChimp integration with the WooChimp – WooCommerce MailChimp Integration plugin.

2. WooCommerce MailChimp Discount

Don’t just install a MailChimp subscription popup solution, install the WooCommerce MailChimp Discount plugin. This plugin gives your WooCommerce store a subscription popup that’s highly effective for building an email list, but does so with an incentive. New subscribers receive a coupon code!

WooCommerce Mailchimp Discount

“WooCommerce MailChimp Discount helps you to easily make your MailChimp list healthy by providing a one time discount when someone subscribes to your MailChimp list.”

Features include:

  • uses the native WooCommerce coupon generator system
  • generates unique coupon codes for each signup
  • easily customized to match your website
  • option to disable popups
  • set expiration excludes
  • excludes sale items
  • and more

Popups are great, but sometimes you need to keep things static. The WooCommerce MailChimp Discount plugin also includes widgets and supports shortcodes. This MailChimp WooCommerce plugin is an excellent addition to any online store.

3. WooCommerce Autoresponder

Leveraging an autoresponder system like this is a great tool for online commerce. Not only does the WooCommerce Autoresponder plugin support MailChimp, it also supports eight other top-tier email marketing systems: Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Infusionsoft, and others.

WooCommerce Autoresponder

Some of the features include:

  • automatically add customers when an order is created or completed
  • add customers to multiple autoresponders
  • product level autoresponder configuration
  • single opt-in checkout
  • and more

WooCommerce Autoresponder is an easy, straightforward way to integrate an email autoresponder system into WooCommerce.

4. WooCommerce Price Notification

This is one of the more sales-centric WooCommerce plugins, and it uses MailChimp in a very powerful way. The WooCommerce Price Notification plugin notifies customers when a certain product price drops. Users sign up to receive notifications on specific products, so then store owners can use that information to make informed sales decisions.

WooCommerce Price Notification

Includes helpful features such as:

  • includes availability checking, so if it’s out of stock, emails are not sent
  • customize everything about your email template
  • logged-in users can manage notifications
  • disable notifications for select products
  • enable confirmation emails
  • and more

Transform information about a product’s price into sales with the WooCommerce Price Notification plugin.

5. WooCommerce Checkout Newsletter – MailChimp

Here’s a great way to synchronize your WooCommerce customer information with your MailChimp list. With the WooCommerce Checkout Newsletter – MailChimp, you can easily field map your WooCommerce checkout fields to MailChimp.

WooCommerce Checkout Newsletter - MailChimp

“Install the plugin within seconds and you will have the power to select which WooCommerce customer fields you wish to save the data from in MailChimp. With this data you can then create targeted emails to send out to your database using MailChimp.”

Simple, easy to use, but very powerful, the WooCommerce Checkout Newsletter – MailChimp should always be considered for a WooCommerce store.

6. WooCommerce to Autoresponders Email Syncing

Also integrating with many other top email marketing solutions, the WooCommerce to Autoresponders Email Syncing plugin will sync email addresses used for WooCommerce orders with specific autoresponders that have been configured.

WooCommerce to Autoresponders Email Syncing

Also supports:

  • Infusionsoft
  • GetResponse
  • Imnicamail
  • iContact
  • Sendreach
  • AWeber
  • Klick-Tipp

With very little configuration, you’ll have the WooCommerce to Autoresponders Email Syncing plugin up and running.

7. Category Based MailChimp List For WooCommerce

While finding new customers for new sales is always important, it’s easy to overlook selling your products to the customers you already have. A WooCommerce plugin like the Category Based MailChimp List For WooCommerce makes marketing products to your current customers much easier.

Category Based Mailchimp List For WooCommerce

You can:

  • send emails to customers solely based on purchases they’ve made from specific categories
  • send promotions on a product from a different category based on previous purchases
  • update customers on new products from their category of interest

Some of the features include:

  • prompt users or add them automatically when making purchases
  • integrates directly with MailChimp lists you’ve created
  • enable or disable double opt-in
  • welcome email option
  • and more

The Category Based MailChimp List For WooCommerce is a great plugin to market your products to those who already like what you have to sell.

8. WooCommerce Coupon Registration Overlay

The WooCommerce Coupon Registration Overlay adds a few different features together, making it a rather useful MailChimp WooCommerce plugin. Easily set up and send new registered users a coupon before they make their first sale. And if that wasn’t great enough, it will sync your user registrations to MailChimp.

WooCommerce Coupon Registration Overlay

Helpful features include:

  • optional pop-up overlay for the registration form
  • redirect users after the form is submitted
  • custom image overlay
  • shortcode support
  • and more

Whether you require users to be registered before viewing your online store or not, the WooCommerce Coupon Registration Overlay is a great way to build your mailing list and make sales.

9. WooCommerce Email Autoresponder Pro

With ten different autoresponders integrated into this plugin, the WooCommerce Email Autoresponder Pro is more than just a great way to connect MailChimp to WooCommerce; it supports many other notable email marketing solutions as well. This plugin has the option to solely capture a customer email or capture the email and add the name to the autoresponder of your choice.

WooCommerce Email Autoresponder Pro

Also supports:

  • Campaign Monitor
  • AWeber
  • Constant Contact
  • GetResponse
  • iContact
  • ActiveCampaign
  • SendInBlue
  • SendLane
  • Benchmark

Easily add customers to an email list and autoresponder with the WooCommerce Email Autoresponder Pro plugin.

10. WooDrill – Mandrill For WooCommerce

Most WordPress-centric hosting solutions do not include an email server. And if your webhost does provide email, it is often not recommended to use the same server for your website and your email. A third-party solution is almost always the best route.

So what about the email that WordPress generates? All those emails that it sends—from lost passwords to WooCommerce customer orders?

This is why using something like WooDrill – Mandrill For WooCommerce to connect your WordPress site to a service like Mandrill is a great way to go.

WooDrill - Mandrill For WooCommerce

Features include:

  • tracking statics for open rates and click tracking
  • supports Multisite installs
  • view sent emails
  • email analytics
  • and more

By combining many of the MailChimp and WooCommerce plugins listed here with WooDrill – Mandrill For WooCommerce, you’ll build a powerful online eCommerce solution that will give your business the edge it needs.


MailChimp is not the only email marketing solution. Some of the aforementioned plugins also include support for Constant Contact, AWeber, iContact, and others. MailChimp tends to be a crowd favorite, so you’ll find far more WooCommerce integrations leaning towards MailChimp.

That being said, it’s important to consider all things when picking the right email marketing solution. At the same time, there’s nothing that says you can’t try out something different and make the switch if it fits your needs better.

The biggest takeaway, in my opinion, is that while WordPress, WooCommerce, and MailChimp can all be powerful eCommerce tools, combining them has an exponential effect that cannot be ignored.

What is your favorite WooCommerce and email marketing combination?

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