10 Best CRM & Project Management PHP Scripts

As a freelancer and someone who works with a small business, I have experienced the pain points of project management. The solution is usually an ever-changing mix of various apps and services that never feel quite right. I am always interested in trying something new since there always seems to be room for improvement. However, there’s one solution I haven’t tried: hosting my own CRM and project management solution.

Setting up your own CRM and project management system not only keeps your data completely in your control, it also consolidates everything into one place. One admin. One URL. It’s a beautiful thing.

In an effort to find a solution for myself, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best CRM and project management PHP scripts freelancers and small businesses should consider:

1. Freelance Cockpit 3 – Project Management and CRM

Freelancers and small businesses can streamline their project management, from the first estimate to the final billing and everything in between, with Freelance Cockpit 3 – Project Management and CRM.

This CRM and project management PHP script is a small investment with huge payoffs.

Freelance Cockpit 3 - Project Management and CRM

Here’s a quick look at some of the included features:

  • several invoice payment options, including PayPal, Stripe, and others
  • project timer and optional Google Calendar integration
  • track expenses and send estimates
  • an option for clients to create tasks
  • set up recurring invoices
  • private messaging
  • and much, much more

As someone who is actively a freelancer, this is top on my list of possible solutions to organize and execute projects.

Freelance Cockpit 3 – Project Management and CRM brings all the important information together, so you can focus more on what you do best.

2. Freelance Project Invoice CRM

The Freelance Project Invoice CRM is the number one selling CRM on CodeCanyon for good reason. All your jobs, tasks, invoicing, quotes, support tickets, and much more are brought together beautifully into one place.

Stop using multiple solutions across multiple platforms and pull everything together into one place.

Freelance Project Invoice CRM

This self-hosted solution features:

  • basic inventory and product unit types
  • track income and expenses
  • email ticket support system
  • member subscriptions
  • set up staff members
  • track tasks and time
  • customer details
  • customizable
  • and much, much more

The more I look at this CRM, the more I am interested in giving it a test drive.

Freelance Project Invoice CRM is a clear stand-out among CRM and project management solutions.

3. Freelancer Office

Freelancers take notice: Freelancer Office is an excellent choice for CRM and project management. Don’t let its good looks and solid design make you think it lacks power—this CRM gets the job done.

From project start to finish, you’ll be able to meet your clients’ needs better than ever.

Freelancer Office

Features include:

  • full estimate and invoicing system
  • file sharing and discussions
  • bug tracking and ticketing
  • private messaging
  • email notifications
  • recurring invoices
  • online payments
  • and much more

You might not be able to hire someone to work in your office, but you can afford to hire the Freelancer Office.

4. Perfex – Powerful Open Source CRM

This CRM and project management solution is more than just a way to organize your tasks and easily send out invoices. Perfex – Powerful Open Source CRM is about customer relationships.

Provide your client with more than just a good product; offer them the kind of customer relationship they won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Perfex - Powerful Open Source CRM

You’ll find lots of helpful features:

  • see your invoices, contracts, tasks, and more in the built-in calendar
  • create a customer knowledge base
  • goal tracking and reporting
  • full-featured customer area
  • lead management tool
  • a full support system
  • assign tasks
  • and much, much more

I found the project proposal creation tool and helpful customer service toolset to be one of the best you’ll find. This isn’t just something to make your business run better, it’s a new service you can offer your clients.

Every CRM and project management system has its own angle, and Perfex – Powerful Open Source CRM offers top-notch tools for your customers.

5. Freelance Manager

You can’t talk about CRM and project management without mentioning the Freelance Manager. This handsome app is simple but powerful. With the admin and client areas fully responsive, this will serve you well from your desk or on the go.

Freelance Manager

Some features you’ll find include:

  • messaging and staff management
  • payment gateway integration
  • workflow approval system
  • comprehensive reporting
  • visual estimate builder
  • support ticket system
  • easily create forms
  • file uploader
  • and much more

With the ability for clients to submit tickets, upload files, and approve drafts, this not only makes managing clients easier but also offers them a great service.

Freelance Manager is an excellent freelance manager.

6. Ekushey Project Manager CRM

While this CRM and project management app servers freelancers well, it adds another layer that small business with multiple team members will find extremely helpful. Ekushey Project Manager CRM introduces a full-featured project space that makes collaborating much more efficient:

  • discuss the project on a “wall”
  • organize your tasks, notes, and files.
  • use the timesheet and accept payments
Ekushey Project Manager CRM

Additional features include:

  • multi-language and currency support
  • manage both projects and clients
  • income expense comparison
  • Dropbox integration
  • manage expenses
  • sidebar to-do lists
  • private message
  • project reports
  • and much, much more

I especially like the intuitive client and profile overviews and the ease of adding people to projects.

The Ekushey Project Manager CRM is a robust CRM and project management tool that’s useful for freelancers and powerful enough for businesses with many team members.

7. All in One Business Management Application

The All in One Business Management Application will help you get down to business.

While this CRM and project management tool includes many of the flagship features you can expect, there is more of an accounting focus.

All in One Business Management Application

Features include:

  • multi-language support
  • support ticket system
  • order management
  • built-in help desk
  • invoicing
  • and more

Do your business a favor, consider the All in One Business Management Application.

8. LiveProjects – Complete Project Management CRM

LiveProjects – Complete Project Management CRM is a powerful way to manage both your projects and team. A great companion for managing both clients and team members.

LiveProjects - Complete Project Management CRM

Some of the helpful features include:

  • file sharing
  • complete user management
  • calendar with daily agenda
  • timesheets, work hours, and to do lists
  • customer management

Easily configure:

  • customer and project types
  • project status
  • task priorities and status
  • user types
  • email templates
  • and more

LiveProjects – Complete Project Management CRM packs a lot of punch with its powerful feature set and useful customization.

9. Zestpro – Project Management

Stay on track, stay on budget, stay on top of your projects with The Zestpro – Project Management system.

Zestpro - Project Management

Features include:

  • collaborate with your team and customers
  • plan tasks based on client requests
  • easily keep your budget in focus
  • send estimates and invoices
  • ticket and lead management
  • file sharing and messaging
  • and more

This is another CMS and project management solution that includes lead management, a helpful feature, and makes it easy for clients to monitor and add feedback during the project.

Zestpro – Project Management is solid CRM, especially for teams.

10. FREELANCER PRO- Manage Your Work, Manage Your Life

FREELANCER PRO- Manage Your Work, Manage Your Life was built on Laravel, PHP, and jQuery and attempts to bridge the gap between you and your clients.

FREELANCER PRO- Manage Your Work Manage Your Life

Included features:

  • export invoices to PDF, Excel, or send via email
  • unlimited clients, projects, tasks, tickets, etc.
  • easily follow task and project progress
  • fully responsive—works on the go
  • schedule invoices
  • generate reports
  • and more

FREELANCER PRO- Manage Your Work, Manage Your Life takes a simple, straightforward approach to CRM and project management.


One thing that really stands out to me is how a good CRM and project management solution can be a huge asset. Not just an asset to me, as a freelancer, but something that I can offer to my clients.

Have you considered hosting your own CRM and project management system? If not, I’m sure you’re thinking about it now.

What features do you find the most important?

For more CRM and project management PHP scripts, take a look at Envato Market.

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