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10 Best Android Photo App Templates

Photo apps are among the most popular Android app categories worldwide, and if you want to ride the wave of that popularity by creating a photo app or two yourself, read on to discover the 10 best Android photo app templates available at CodeCanyon.

App templates are the perfect solution for inexperienced coders who want to create apps but don’t yet have the skill. This is because they already have core functions implemented for you, so you can customise the app easily and add the elements you think are most important to the app’s code. This makes it quicker and easier to create the product you want.  

Whether you’re interested in building an app for photo editing, creating collages or adding artistic flourishes to photographs, take a look below to see some of the templates currently available. 

1. Photo Frame Editor

If you’ve been looking for a template to create an app with a wide selection of digital photo framing options, then check out the Photo Frame Editor. The Editor offers frames for every occasion, including birthdays, Valentines, Christmas, weddings, etc.

Users are able to zoom in and zoom out, rotate their photo 360°, and drag it easily into the selected photo frame. 

Photo Frame Editor

Best features:

  • supports all screen resolutions available on mobiles and tablets 
  • framed photos can be saved and used as digital wallpaper 
  • framed photos can be shared on various social media accounts and messengers
  • AdMob and StartApp ad compatibility
  • and more

2. Natural Frames

If you’re somewhat of a nature lover and prefer a template that offers frames that are a bit more earthy, then Natural Frames might be more your cup of tea. The template doesn’t use photo frames in the same way that the Photo Frame Editor template does, rather it enables users to superimpose their photos within a nature shot in such a way that they’re framed by nature. 

The template also offers a number of fonts and effects that users can experiment with to further embellish their images. 

Natural Frames

Best features:

  • over 20 natural frames are provided
  • photos can be taken with camera or selected from existing gallery 
  • position, size and angle of photos can be adjusted in frame using figure gestures
  • enhanced images can be shared via a variety of social networks
  • and more

User natas6723 says:

“Best app, amazing support.”

3. Photo Hoardings

The Photo Hoardings template takes photo framing to new heights. Apps created with this template allow users to create a splash screen by digitally embedding their photos in impossible places like a billboard, the side of a bus, or the back of a truck. 

Photo Hoardings

Some of the best features are:

  • clean and easy-to-use interface
  • selection of over 25 hoarding frames available
  • shared images via variety of social networks, messengers, email, etc.

4. Photo Mirror Effect

The Photo Mirror Effect template allows you to create a new app in a matter of minutes with just a basic knowledge of Java programming. As its name suggests, the app allows the end user to create a mirror image effect with their photos. 

Photo Mirror Effect

Some of the best features are: 

  • a choice of mirror or water effect
  • 10 photo effect filters
  • ability to move image left to right or up and down to perfect the mirroring effect 
  • AdMob integration

5. Funny Face Maker

The Funny Face Maker app template helps developers create one of those incredibly silly and irresistible apps that allow users to construct funny pictures of themselves, their friends and family.

The template provides a huge array of quirky and amusing objects and effects for developers to select for inclusion in their app.

For the end user, the app is very easy to use. They just need to take a photo with their camera or select the photo they want to manipulate from their photo library, and then select the fun object or objects they want to use. Users can resize and move the object(s) as needed, and save the image. Finally, they can share on social media, by email or messenger.

Funny Face Maker

Some of the best features are:

  • a large collection of funny objects
  • easy navigation for adding and removing object
  • drag-and-drop system for moving or resizing objects
  • support for all screen resolutions of mobiles and tablets
  • AdMob integrated

User eyenetvoip says:

“Nice app. Easy to customise!”

6. Men In Suit Photo Maker

The Men In Suit Photo Maker app template is in the same vein as the Funny Face Maker template. It’s intended to deliver a bit of lighthearted entertainment to the end user, by allowing them to match a face to a wide selection of snazzy suits and presumably to share the results with friends and family. 

Men In Suit Photo Maker

The best features of this template are:

  • easy to use and customise
  • banner and interstitials ads
  • includes a simple guide for customisation

User NumberOne01 says:

“Great support and work.”

7. Photo Sticker

The Photo Sticker app is another fun app that’s an ideal template for developers who want to create an app for adding stickers to photos.

Developers can make use of the template’s ready-made stickers or create a range of stickers for use in their app. End users are then able to drag and drop these stickers onto photos they’ve either taken with the app’s built-in camera or selected from their photo library. Users can move, scale, or rotate their stickers.

Once the user has created their composition, they can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. The app supports AdMob and iAD for easy monetisation.

Photo Sticker

Some of the key features are:

  • stickers are easy to resize
  • 26 ready-made stickers available 
  • AdMob and interstitial ads are supported 

8. Photo Editor

Photo collages have really come into their own with the advent of digital photography which has made it so very easy to recombine photos. So it will come as not surprise that the final three app templates I’m featuring are dedicated to the art of photo collage.

First up, developers can customise the Photo Editor app template to create their own wonderful or wacky app that allows end users to cut backgrounds and subject matter in any photograph and interchange them with others. 

The app provides over 15 HD backgrounds that you can include in the app. Or you can bundle your own!

Photo Editor

Some of the cool things you can do with this template are:

  • swap faces by cutting out one person’s face and pasting it on another
  • remove the actual photo background and replace with any background you wish
  • cut people out and put them on another background
  • save and share your creation with friends and family on any social networking sites
  • and more!

9. Photo Collage Maker

Photo Collage Maker helps developers create a fabulous photo collage app easily and quickly. This template comes with the ability for users to drag and drop photos from their photo library, edit them, and then arrange them in one of a wide selection of collage styles. Users can also select their frame style, size, and colour, as well as adding text to their creation.

Photo Collage Maker

Some of the best features of this template are:

  • support for monetisation with AdMob
  • over 50 bundled frames 
  • collages can be made from up to three images 
  • built-in sharing via WhatsApp, Facebook, and others 

10. PIP Photo Collage Editor

Last but definitely not least, PIP Photo Collage Editor is probably the most feature-rich of all the app templates included here. It offers developers a range of features, including a variety of filters and effects.

PIP Photo Collage Editor

Some of the best features are:

  • AdMob Interstitial, Native and Banner ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Firebase Integration
  • easy re-skinning

User Toqi says:

“Customer quality is awesome. Responsive. All the documentation provided is very well managed.”


These top Android photo app templates are just a small selection of the Android photo app templates we have available at CodeCanyon, so if none of them quite fits your needs, there are plenty of other great options to choose from!

If you want to explore more Android apps and templates, then check out some of our other posts on CodeCanyon app templates!

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