Upgrade Your Font Library with This Variety of Fonts

Do you need some new fonts? Of course you do! This new Font Collector’s Superb Summer Selection contains 16 pro-grade fonts, each in a trendy and unique style. The bundle is reduced by a massive 90% discount to just $29 for a limited time only, so this is a great opportunity to upgrade your font library with a range of new typefaces that you can call upon in your design projects for years to come. There’s a variety of font styles included, which makes the collection extremely versatile, providing you with a suitable font choice for whatever design challenge you might face.

This bundle focuses on quality and has been negotiated with some of the most talented designers who have supplied their best fonts for the collection. A single font family of this calibre usually sells for way more than the entire bundle when you factor in the extended licensing, so to get them all for just $29 is a bargain! I always get asked what fonts I used in my designs and almost every time it’s a font I picked up from a previous Design Cuts deal, so you can expect to see some of these new typefaces appearing in my work in the future!

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