SEO Package Terms & Conditions

SEO Package Terms & Conditions

What you get from us

  • You will receive a FREE SEO analysis report that displays your current website score and an extensive list of elements that need improving.
  • We aim to increase your overall score to above 80%, if this is not achievable for whatever reason we will refund your money.
  • You will receive a final analysis report for comparison and you can view what has been improved. As well as 1 competitor score report.

What we need from you

  • Administrator access to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Possible access to your hosting control panel and FTP if required
  • Payment made in full. Buy SEO Package 

FREE SEO Analysis report T&C’s

  • The FREE website analysis report is available 1 per website
  • You are under no obligation to obtain any of our services
  • We aim to email you the report up to 48 hours after your request
  • Your personal details won’t be stored for any further communication from Medianic or any 3rd party
  • The information provided is accurate to the best of our expertise knowledge
  • We are not responsible for any changes you make to your own websites based on the information in the report, this includes any loss of information or earnings. We strongly advise you allow an expert to make changes to your website files and configuration.

SEO Starter Package T&C’s

  • We require the payment to be paid and cleared before any work is commenced on your website
  • If we don’t achieve an SEO score on your website of 80 or higher after 21 days from the date we start the project, we will refund the total amount of the package payment
  • We require full admin access to your WordPress dashboard, and potentially logins to your hosting panel and FTP
  • We take a full backup of your website before we make any changes
  • We will supply a report of the initial standing of your website before we commence with any modifications. And on completion we will provide a final analysis report of your website, and a comparison report for 1 competitor’s website.
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