21 Brilliant Red Websites for Design Inspiration

Looking for color-based ideas for your next website? Colors have a large influence over your audience and how they will react towards the page content. It’s a fairly rudimentary system, but color schemes are vital to the core of any graphic design project. Some prefer a more muted tone while others love a good, bright website that really pops and catches the eyes of the viewers. If you’re looking for the latter and have a color in mind, specifically red, here are some websites that can provide some inspiration for your next page layout. Hopefully, these designs help you think up color schemes and matches that would look awesome for

Starting Your Own Web Design Business

Running your own web design business is a big step for any freelance designer or developer. It doesn’t only allow you to showcase your skills, but it could actually serve as a bridge for bigger clients and even more opportunities in your field, especially if you managed to show some outstanding skills. So, if you are targeting that road to success, it’s best to start early but make sure to consider everything that is involved. Starting Up Preparation is the key to the success of your new venture. You have to understand the importance of flexibility and be able to adapt to changing situations, especially unplanned changes. Conduct research on

Web Hosts With Free SSL Certification

Web hosts with free SSL certification are well trusted by website developers in many places in the world. Some clients have a limited budget when it comes to building their first websites. As a developer, we must be ready to provide a variety of options for our clients that will surely fit their needs and budget. Security should always be taken priority. However, there are cases when security tools become too expensive for clients on their first websites. Fortunately, there are affordable web hosting services that offer plans and bundles with free SSL certificates. This way, clients could focus first on making sure that their websites Here are some of the most

What You Should Know Before Hiring a Blockchain Developer

The blockchain is a relatively new technology that’s only now beginning to be harnessed for its full potential. For several years, the blockchain has been known as the foundational architecture that makes cryptocurrency like Bitcoin possible. Now, blockchain technology is being used for a variety of applications, including secure transactions and exchanges in healthcare, real estate, finance, and many other industries. Tomorrow’s technology leaders are beginning to hire blockchain developers now to build the products and services they need to remain competitive. But before you hire a blockchain developer for your own business, there are some important considerations you’ll need to bear in mind. There’s a Shortage of Blockchain Talent

10 Festive Christmas Card Designs

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” It’s hard not to hum Christmas songs now that December is here! With Christmas being just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start prepping those holiday cards you usually rush into signing just the day before Christmas Eve. Christmas Card Designs This colorful collection of Christmas card designs can help you switch into a festive mood and inspire you to create your own special cards and invitations. Here are 10 of the most unique and beautiful card designs that are sure to bring joy to whomever you decide to send them. #1: Merry Light Christmas Invitation Design Check it out: Paperless

20 Inspiring Examples Of Texture In Web Design

Adding texture in web design is not as common now as it was a decade ago. More designers prefer using solid, bold colors for minimalism and simplicity, nowadays. However, there are times when using texture as a background adds boldness to a website that could turn a simple page into an outstanding piece of artwork. Here are some examples for inspiration: #1 The Kettle The website has a vintage inspired texture and color, complete with a faded, spray-paint typography style. Design elements like photographs and stamps also complete the overall vintage look. #2 Free people The addition of graphics designed as dried flowers and leaves gives an authentic, and unique

Help Is Here: 5 Indispensable Web Tools for Student Entrepreneurs

  If you are a student planning to launch a startup or already have an operating enterprise, you should know that being a young entrepreneur isn’t a piece of cake.  With so many tasks, chores, and challenges going on, it can be hard to stay on the right track. To complicate matters, you are still a student, which means you may not have as much time and resources as other entrepreneurs do. How can you ensure success? To do this, you will need the help of some handy tools, and we are going to tell you which tools exactly you should use! Image source:  Free Vector | Startup life concept

Here’s Why and How You Can Make the Most Out Of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

It all starts with the ‘why’ – why should you even bother to make the most out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Well, apart from the biggest sale there is, there is just so much profit potential for businesses that web designers can be of most help on. It is all about marketing – how will you manage to help your clients entice customers to visit their online shop of all the options out there? Why should you even participate considering it’s almost the holiday season? Well, it helps to just consider one fact – one out of three Americans shop during these days. Do you now see the

25 Free Typography Tools for Web & UI Designers

Nowadays, the visual output of a website is what sells it. This is why typography tools are essential for every designer. It may not be too obvious but the typeface is what creates the character of the website. Web fonts create attraction between the website and the reader, it adds value and depth to the text. Typography could also affect the overall user experience of a website, particularly readability. Faulty typography and styling can push away audiences no matter the quality of the content. Here are a few typography tools that could help designers in design: Tools and libraries for unique Typefaces Many web designers have a short, specific list

Choosing the Best Image Format in 2021: WebP, SVG Vs. Everyone

What, did you think JPEG would live forever? It was introduced in 1992, more than twenty-five years ago! The modern generation of web developers uses WebP for images, not the archeological specimen that is JPEG. Here’s a quick introduction to WebP, SVG, and why they’re better. TL;DR: they’re way smaller and produces faster and more responsive websites. What is WebP?   The WebP standard is something of a meta image format, including several modes under one heading. It’s both a file extension (.webp) as well as a compression algorithm. To use the language of video encoders, WebP is both a container format and a codec. Because the compression algorithm can

Royalty-Free Music for Your Projects

Behind every great video game is just as great music. If you are a video game developer, or you are handling some projects which require accompanying music, then this royalty-free music bundle is what you need. Humble Bundle is collaborating with Dark Fantasy Studio and is dishing up royalty-free music and sound effects to be used in video game development, live streaming, movies, YouTube, content creation and more! $260 worth of 26 albums and over 400 tracks (which include .wav, .mp3, and seamless premium licenses for music such as Shadows guild, Superheroes, Dreamagination, and Slasher) are up for grabs for only $25. For $1, you might already find what you

How to Design Better Buttons for UI

Learning to design better buttons for UI may be an important skill many designers take for granted. Buttons are more than just what we all think they are, they affect users’ overall experience for websites and apps. It is one of the main elements linking an interaction between a user and the website. If there is a more effective control in a website, the more it improves the user’s experience. There are many ways to design better buttons. Most of the time it takes the most minute of details to make all the difference. Design better buttons for UI using shapes Believe it or not, the safest way to create