How Website Designers Can Create New Revenue Streams by Monetizing Their Knowledge

Your area of expertise is in web design, but does that mean the only way you can make money is through the hours of work you spend building websites? Of course not.  It’s not just your skills that are valuable. Your knowledge is, too. Monetize Your Knowledge; Create New Revenue Streams Think about how many prospects you’ve spoken to who passed on your proposal either because the price was too high or they convinced themselves that they could do it on their own. Now imagine how many other people share that mentality of “I’ll just do it myself”.  You’ve seen enough websites to know that there are too many people

10 Social Media WordPress Plug-Ins To Keep Your Blog Relevant

We’re nearing the end of 2019, and more and more people have been asking: are blogs still relevant? We like to think that Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and Facebook don’t need to be blog killers, but – like most technology- tools that can be used to enhance our blog readers’ experience. We’re talking about more than just little social media sharing buttons at the bottom of your posts, of course- today’s users, we who tap from one app to another on our smartphones, are looking for something more to bridge the gap between blogs and social networks. Here are our top ten tried and tested WordPress plugins for bridging that gap-

Storytelling in Design: How to Create Compelling Website Designs

Storytelling in design is powerful. It can lay an obstacle-free path for your visitors and help them reach a conversion point. But this is only true if you knock them off their feet with one thing: A great storytelling experience! So in this post, I’ll discuss how you can leverage the power of storytelling in design. By using design elements to communicate your ideas and thoughts, you can turn visitors into customers and increase your sales. Present your vision clearly You need to create a story that delivers a message. And as you deliver this message, make sure to do it clearly. Otherwise, your visitors will walk away with the

Easy to Follow SEO Best Practices for Web Designers

Most graphic and website designers have a general knowledge about what search engine optimization (SEO) is and why it’s important. However, many still think that SEO is not relevant to the design process or can be implemented after the website is designed. Unfortunately, both of these beliefs are false.  How Web Design Impacts SEO Website design and search engine optimization go hand in hand. If a designer ignores SEO best practices when creating a website design, this can negatively impact the site’s future SEO. Similarly, if SEO is implemented on the website with complete disregard for design best practices, it will negatively impact the user experience.  While it’s crucial for

Simple Tactics to Improve Your Website’s User Experience

If you are a business owner in this digital age, chances are a lot of your business funding has gone into the development of your business website and the improvement of your digital presence. So much so that you now need schemes like debt help UK to help you resolve some of your financial hurdles (like your business loans and council tax debt) with bailiffs like Capital Resolve –. But what is more disturbing is the fact that despite all you’ve spent, there seems not to be many results in terms of customer conversion and revenue generation. So now you cannot help but wonder why your website hasn’t been enjoying

Should You Provide Your Design Clients With Web Hosting?

Clients expect you to be the expert in all things technical.  Clients are happy to pay you to make their life easier. Does that mean you should provide web hosting as an optional extra to go along with your website designs?  Maybe, maybe not. All-Inclusive Web Design Packages Design clients may be tech-phobic and see you as the answer to ALL their technology problems. These clients will probably want you to host their website as well as design it.  Hosting client sites could be another income stream.  It might also become a royal pain in the posterior. Explaining Web Hosting to Your Clients You know more about hosting than your

10 Ways to Be a Successful Freelance WordPress Web Developer

Many people dream of working from home so they can spend more time with their family and have a flexible schedule that is not subject to someone else’s control but are unsure just how to go about it.  One way to make your dream come true and work from home is by becoming a Freelance WordPress Web Developer.  All businesses today, regardless of size, need a website to advertise and sell their products and services, and as a freelancer, you can fill this niche and fulfill your dream of working from home. Before you go quitting your day job, it is crucial to make sure you have what it takes

Basic Online Security Practices You May Be Overlooking As a Web Designer/Developer

As a web designer/developer, you create and design websites, and you consider the hundred and one elements that go into web developing and designing. The site you make, whether it’s for yourself or a client, must be aesthetically pleasing; all buttons should work; it should display on all screen sizes; and you must ensure the functionality of the server-side as well. But beyond that, you should not ignore the importance of observing security for web designers because no matter how talented or skilled you are, if the sites you make are unsecured, the time and effort you have devoted to the site’s creation and design will all be for nought

Designer to Client: Challenges Designers Face With Clients On a Daily Basis

As a web designer, you have a creative mind, meaning you’re able to think outside the box and see things creatively that the average person wouldn’t see. In that same token, you’re also very tech-savvy and are able to understand and process the workings of the digital world. You put those things together, and you have one talented web designer! It would just be nice if your clients would recognize that and put that into perspective sometimes when making their demands, right? Of course, it would be nice! Can you imagine working as a web designer, being paid very well by all your clients with no hiccups? Or try imagining

Your Fees are Too Low: Your Expertise is Worth More Than You Think

If you’re not charging a premium for your experience as a website developer, your fees are too low. Even if your routine projects are generic, you bring some kind of expertise to the table that deserves additional compensation. Your expertise could be development speed, access to a network of professional programmers, an eye for typography, or even marketing.   You shouldn’t be charging the same rate to build generic sites as sites that require your expertise. Your expertise should not be a bonus for your clients – it should be the premium service they pay for. Specialize in something (anything) Image by TeroVesalainen from Pixabay If you want to get

Designing With Data: How to Improve UX Using Customer Data

Do you always follow your gut when making decisions for your website? Designing your website often starts with what you feel will make a website look good. However, you’ll most likely be changing your plans when the results of your efforts come in. But this is okay because tracking and measuring your site’s performance from a design standpoint is important. At the end of the data, you’ll rely on data on how to In this post, you will learn how to gather data about your target audience and design your website accordingly. Two types of data to gather There are two types of data you want to analyze: quantitative and

Four Examples of Beautiful Dental Sites

Private practice dental offices are starting to realize that people look at site design when they pick out the individual who will have the privilege of performing services for them. While this might not be the first thing that potential patients look for, it does play a fairly big role in the decision-making process according to a number of experts. Some have opined that it’s actually the risk of frustration that influences healthcare consumers the most. Sites that frustrate their users at a time when they might be experiencing actual real life pain could cost a dentist a booking. This is precisely why so many firms have hired a Dental