6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Accepting a Web Design Project

Especially when you are at the beginning of your career as a web designer, you may be tempted to accept all sorts of jobs, just to extend your portfolio and gain experience. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as you do need jobs, in order to become an expert, but sometimes you need to learn when to say no. Accepting jobs that don’t suit you or working with difficult clients will only end up causing you more frustration.  But how can you know when to accept a job and when to say “No, thank you.” and move on? Once you are offered a project, start by asking yourself a

When Fast Food Logos Get Mashed Up

As our lives become more hectic, so does our eating. We aren’t necessarily eating more, but eating faster. The way that we live our lives today results in us wanting either fast food or food on-the-go as we simply don’t have time for homecooked meals these days! Many fast food chains aren’t just well-known for their food and beverage offerings, but their logo as well. In fact, most well-established food brands have rarely changed their logos since they first launched many years ago. Logos such as Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are easily recognisable simply by looking at their logo; this is a sign of great branding and establishment of their company.

How to Clean Malware from a Hacked Website

Just the hint of a hacked site is enough to send jitters down the spine of every webmaster. In an event where something suspicious occurs on a website or where unexpected elements start to show up on the website, the doubt starts to pop up with a possibility inclined towards the absolutely negative event, i.e. a hack.  This constant thought/fear is so widespread right now because of the recent hacking trends seen by the world. As per a report, new malware is being launched every day; approximately 230,000 new malware samples/day. Scary, right? Related: 6 Basic Tips for Web Server Security You Should Know If you are ever caught in

How to Build an Engaging (And Functional) Event Website

Hosting an event, a birthday or even planning for your own wedding or retirement party? No matter what it is, having a website to help promote the event and share information with your audience is great. If you are hoping to attract as many participants as possible, you need to make a website and also make sure it’s fully functional across all desktops and mobile devices, while also being socially friendly. Having all of this in place will make the invite and attendance process so much easier. An event website will act as a digital flyer for your event, not only attracting potential participants but allowing them to buy tickets

5 Best Magento Extensions That Can Boost On-page SEO

Doing business online and ignoring SEO is parallel to opening a shop in far-flung areas where nobody bothers to visit. Your on-page and off-page SEO efforts bring your website to the limelight by elevating its ranking in search engines.  There is no doubt that Magento is a leading eCommerce platform, but it still lacks the built-in functionality of optimizing your website for higher rankings. For this purpose, you may need to install additional tools and extensions.  In this post, I have shortlisted some of the extensions that will help you with basic to advanced on-page SEO for your Magento-powered store. Have a look at them to find the perfect solution

The Best Websites Designs of 2019 So Far

As bloggers and website owners, we’ve all had our share of fickle website visitors. You know the kind. They are visitors who come to your website and leave within a few seconds. Sure, something about your brand got them interested, but for some reason, they leave without buying or clicking any links Hurts, doesn’t it?  One way to ensure that your audience stays engaged is to work on your web design. If your website looks outdated or unappealing, visitors won’t think twice about closing the tab. Worse, they will probably leave with a bad impression of your brand.  Ready to revamp your website? Then start looking around for inspiration. Here’s

Eliminate Old Technology to Declutter Your Space

Developing and accomplishing a total decluttering plan for your home or workspace can be overwhelming. So many books and videos instruct you to tackle an entire room or more all at once, and who has that kind time? This all-at-once approach also leads you to get rid of things you need, causing you to spend money needlessly on replacements. A better approach is often to address one category of things at a time. When you pare down first, you have fewer items to address later, when you get really serious. A great place to start is to look at old items that you have already replaced. Since you probably use

5 Things That Significantly Improve User Experience

There are some truly stunning websites out there. But just because something looks pretty, doesn’t mean it will be functional and drive your target customers to action.  “Most client web design requests will begin with a request for stellar web design, not a fully-functional one,” says an article from the digital marketing agency Active Web Group. They create functional, stunning websites for their clients often, and they wish more clients would understand the importance of putting the user first.  Related: 7 Key Factors In Interviewing Users for UX Surveys “A thorough knowledge of what mobile consumers want combined with the skills to ‘make it happen’ should be part of any

5 Ways Social Media Can Impact Your Web Design

There is no denying that the introduction of social media to the world has changed the way website developers and designers build sites. In fact, social media marketing helps you strengthen your brand’s online presence. Thus, it is important that you take social media into consideration whenever you are building (or updating) a website for your brand. The Importance of Integrating Social Media and Your Website According to Jeremy Dedic of Rightpoint, “Many companies think of the website as being the center of their online brand’s universe. But more and more customers use social media sites as a starting point for accessing information about products and promotions, gathering customer feedback,

How to Make a Video Intro for Your Website Home Page

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then consider a video worth a thousand bucks to your website, more specifically… an intro video! There’s no better way to establish yourself for all prospective website visitors than a video describing what your brand is and why it relates to them. With more people using their mobile devices and social platforms to access the internet, the demand for on-site visuals and video is also in demand more than ever before. As text content continues to make it’s move to the back burner, it’s extremely important to make sure your home page has the option for video as well — even if it’s

How to Use the WordPress Event Calendar Plugin

For certain kinds of business, having a calendar on your WordPress website is an absolute necessity. Whether you need to share information about opening and closing times, special events that your business is running, or any event that is on a specific date, calendar plugins will help relay this information.  However, many of today’s WordPress calendar plugins can be quite costly and are difficult to set up.  That’s where the WordPress Event Calendar plugin comes in, bringing a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for your calendar needs.  By the end of this tutorial, you will know how to create an event and calendar with EventOn’s WordPress Event Calendar plugin and display this

Create a PHP Contact Form With ContactMe

Today, we’re going to review the ContactMe tool which allows you to create contact forms on your PHP site. It’s a very easy-to-use tool and allows you to set up different kinds of contact forms for any requirements. As a site owner, you might like to have feedback from your users and customers about your services—that helps you to serve them better. Thus, a contact form on your website is one of the must-have features to collect feedback from your users. There are plenty of extensions and scripts available for creating contact forms on your PHP website. And of course, you’ll also find commercial options that provide ready-to-use features and