How to Add the Stellar Video Player to Your WordPress Site

There’s no denying that, given a choice, most Internet users today would prefer to watch a short video rather than read a few paragraphs of text. Therefore, one of the best ways to quickly increase your WordPress site’s traffic and click-through rates is to add video content to it. To display such content, you will, of course, need a flexible video player. Stellar Video Player, a premium WordPress plugin available on CodeCanyon, is among the most powerful and customizable video players you can get your hands on in 2019. Created by Envato award winning author Creative Media, this plugin supports a variety of video formats, several popular video hosting services,

20 Best PHP Email Forms

Email forms have many shapes and sizes. Sure, there’s the classic “contact form” you’ll find on just about every website, but sometimes you need something more robust—or maybe you should be using something more advanced in the first place? Different kinds of websites need different form features. Many of them simply need a basic contact form. However, some need forms to collect more data. For example, you might be creating a website where people have to fill out forms to book rooms, register events, apply for jobs, or provide feedback. Even contact forms can be pretty complicated depending on the data you are planning to get from the users. With

20 Niche-Specific WordPress Themes for Drag & Drop Web Development

With the growing demand and popularity of WordPress, the number of pre-designed WordPress themes becomes vast and more diverse. Today, you will have no difficulty with coming across the right design for any niche-specific web project that you have on your mind. Is it a personal blog, corporate, or products-rich eCommerce site that you want to bring to the web? Simply select a ready-made WordPress theme that matches your topic, adjust it and upload with your content, and you are ready to go. In the collection of themes that you can find below, we have gathered together 20 modern and functional WordPress themes that are well-suited to be used for a quick start of

Best Ways to Create an Image Slider for WordPress

The use of image sliders and hero images has become ubiquitous in web design. If you think of your three favorite websites, it’s likely that at least one features a large image slider front-and-center on their home page. When it comes to adding one of these sliders to your own website in WordPress, there’s a few options available. Let’s take a look at what you may want in an image slider, and what solutions are available. What Do You Need in a WordPress Image Slider? The early days of image sliders held close to their namesake—the old-fashioned slideshow—with a single image on each slide. Over time, these image sliders have

Turn Your Static SVG Drawings Into Interactive Widgets and Infographics With Vue.js

What You’ll Be Creating SVG is a powerful and flexible graphic format, which fits perfectly into the web medium. Unlike raster image formats, such as JPG, PNG, or GIF, SVG is vector-based and consists of “real” objects, which you can select and manipulate in whatever manner you want. So even with some basic scripting, a static image can be animated and made interactive. And that will be the subject of this tutorial.  SVG and Vue: The Perfect Match To demonstrate how SVG can be scripted, I selected Vue.js. The reason behind my choice is that, in my opinion, SVG and Vue make the perfect match. First, Vue supports SVG out

Best WordPress Newsletters Plugins of 2019

Create an email marketing campaign and build your subscriber base—is this on your to-do list? It can be done, and there are some great tools to help you! Using WordPress newsletter plugins, you can convert site visitors to subscribers, then build a campaign to engage your list in a timely and effective way. In this article, we’ll look at Mailster, a top-notch MailChimp alternative that provides all the functionality at a fraction of the cost for ongoing campaigns, as well as a selection of popup plugins that will help you generate high-quality conversions from page visits. Mailster—the Best WordPress Newsletter Plugin Mailster is the campaign builder solution for WordPress. This

How to Make a Sticky Menu in WordPress

What You’ll Be Creating Navigation menus are changing. Instead of just throwing one into a site without considering what form it’ll take, designers are taking the time to consider the design of navigation menus, the space they take up on the page, and how users interact with them. One growing trend is for sticky menus. These are menus that stay at the top of the browser window when the user scrolls down. This way, however far the user moves down the page, the menu will still be accessible, making it easier for people to navigate around the site. In this tutorial, you’ll learn when to add (and not to add)

When to Use (and Not Use) a Mega Menu for Navigation

What You’ll Be Creating If you’ve shopped online, there’s a good chance you’ve navigated a mega menu. This is a huge menu with links to a variety of sections and subsections of a site. They’re popular in sites with large amounts of content, particularly retail sites. If you’re running an online store or another site with a lot of links for people to navigate their way through, it can seem like a mega menu is a no-brainer. But is it? In this article, I’ll look at some of the scenarios in which a mega menu will enhance your site, and those in which it won’t. What is a Mega Menu?

How to Create a WordPress Testimonial Slider

In this article, we’re going to explore how you could build a testimonial slider in your WordPress website. You’ll find a lot of plugins that can achieve this functionality, but we’ve chosen one of the best: Strong Testimonials. Why Use a Testimonial Slider? A testimonial is one of the best way to get feedback from your customers about your services or products. It strengthens your credibility and it’s also a way for your customers to express trust for your products. Thus, you might like to collect testimonials and display them on your website to strengthen your branding. Today, we’re going to look at how to display testimonials with WordPress. If

The Developer’s Guide to the WebP Image Format

The WebP image format is a new image encoding format that’s especially appealing to web developers.

How to Create a Simple App Promo With Placeit (Video Maker)

So you’ve built an app at a recent hackathon, or a mobile dev project you’ve been working on for some time is finally ready to roll out. Congratulations! The hard part is done. Or maybe you are in the early stages of a project—an idea and some graphic design—and you need a professional quality promotional tools to pitch your app. In the highly competitive mobile app market, promoting your tool is essential to the success of your project. And for that, there is help. iPhone Mockup Video: Instant Promotion Package for Your App Placeit offers a wide range of app mockup templates—tools that take the mess out of marketing so

How Ransomware Attacks Target WordPress Sites

WordPress remains THE most popular platform for blogging and content management, with a a full 30% of websites on the internet using it. As a result of this popularity, hacking attempts and other instances of cybercrime, especially ransomware attacks, are on the rise. Starting in 2017, analysts began to see an increase of the EV Ransomware virus infecting WordPress installations and putting real user data in jeopardy. As the number of these instances increases, so does the financial ransom that the cybercriminals attempt to extort. This article will provide an overview of how ransomware viruses can affect WordPress installations and a guide for defending your own website against such an