Designer to Client: Challenges Designers Face With Clients On a Daily Basis

As a web designer, you have a creative mind, meaning you’re able to think outside the box and see things creatively that the average person wouldn’t see. In that same token, you’re also very tech-savvy and are able to understand and process the workings of the digital world. You put those things together, and you have one talented web designer! It would just be nice if your clients would recognize that and put that into perspective sometimes when making their demands, right? Of course, it would be nice! Can you imagine working as a web designer, being paid very well by all your clients with no hiccups? Or try imagining

Your Fees are Too Low: Your Expertise is Worth More Than You Think

If you’re not charging a premium for your experience as a website developer, your fees are too low. Even if your routine projects are generic, you bring some kind of expertise to the table that deserves additional compensation. Your expertise could be development speed, access to a network of professional programmers, an eye for typography, or even marketing.   You shouldn’t be charging the same rate to build generic sites as sites that require your expertise. Your expertise should not be a bonus for your clients – it should be the premium service they pay for. Specialize in something (anything) Image by TeroVesalainen from Pixabay If you want to get

Designing With Data: How to Improve UX Using Customer Data

Do you always follow your gut when making decisions for your website? Designing your website often starts with what you feel will make a website look good. However, you’ll most likely be changing your plans when the results of your efforts come in. But this is okay because tracking and measuring your site’s performance from a design standpoint is important. At the end of the data, you’ll rely on data on how to In this post, you will learn how to gather data about your target audience and design your website accordingly. Two types of data to gather There are two types of data you want to analyze: quantitative and

Four Examples of Beautiful Dental Sites

Private practice dental offices are starting to realize that people look at site design when they pick out the individual who will have the privilege of performing services for them. While this might not be the first thing that potential patients look for, it does play a fairly big role in the decision-making process according to a number of experts. Some have opined that it’s actually the risk of frustration that influences healthcare consumers the most. Sites that frustrate their users at a time when they might be experiencing actual real life pain could cost a dentist a booking. This is precisely why so many firms have hired a Dental

WordPress Survey Plugin: Forminator to the Rescue

Form builder plugins are very handy. Quizzes, polls, surveys, and even event registrations and quote requests are forms. With a form builder plugin, you save time and effort, and the finished product is a well-crafted and professional looking page on your site. A quiz is the type of post that gets shared, thus increasing the participants, and expanding brand awareness. They may even raise conversion rates and give you more subscribers.  Polls and quizzes are the underrated types of content for marketing. They force the user to engage actively and share them on social media. Done right, polls and quizzes are rich sources of information that can be used to

Sitejet: The Perfect CMS for Every Web Design Agency

If you haven’t already heard about Sitejet, it’s a new CMS, and it’s generating a lot of buzz among web designers. Sitejet is just like many other CMSs around, except for a few distinct differences a better dashboard, a client feedback system, and better project management capabilities. This post addresses the newbie that is Sitejet and examines what its features are and why it’s great for web design agencies. Team collaboration Team collaboration is the most important thing you should look out for in a great CMS. Sitejet allows you to collaborate seamlessly with every member of your team and deliver your projects much faster. While on the team or

How to Use Popups Without Damaging User Experience

Website owners/designers/developers are always looking for the best strategies to convert new leads into loyal customers, and popups are one of the most effective ways to catch your audience’s attention. Unfortunately, popups can be intrusive and often turn users away. As per a study by HubSpot, popups are one of the three most disliked forms of advertising, along with telemarketing calls and auto-play videos. As a designer/developer, these popups can be a worrisome aspect of your website and hence, you need to tackle them smartly without damaging the overall user experience.  You’ll never be able to convert everyone, but popups don’t have to be detrimental to the user experience. With

How to Make Sure Your Website is Secure for Users

There is nothing worse than having your website become a victim of cyber-attacks. As a web designer or developer, you need to be concerned about the consequences of data-theft and other kinds of malicious acts that some hackers perform. After all, your clients rely on you to keep them secure. What if someone decides to ‘rob’ your eCommerce store? What if a hacker steals sensitive data from your website? You wouldn’t want to let customers’ credit card numbers fall into someone’s hands, would you? In order to avoid all these frightening scenarios, you should do everything in your power to make your website as secure as possible for your users.

9 Best Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Plugins For WordPress

Cryptocurrency has changed the vertical of currencies with maximum impact. Specifically, Bitcoin has managed to garner all the attention and market favoritism in recent times. Providing a new edge to currency exchange, Cryptocurrency is no more a hit and miss for the experts. With a lot of people getting on board with the idea of this currency exchange, the web development world of WordPress has managed to reel in. People are now looking for ways to integrate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into their WordPress blogs and websites. To help them achieve this, a lot of Cryptocurrency plugins have already found their way into the market. However, each of them serves

Free Fall Pictures to Use for Your Next Web Design Project

Autumn has its own special magic, markedly different from the freshness of spring, the heat of summer, and the bitter cold of winter. The burst of colors that weave around the trees is both poignant and upbeat, a goodbye to languorous summer days and hopeful anticipation for a festive season.  For a website design project, images of autumn used appropriately draw the viewer’s eyes to a web page or post. This season brings numerous opportunities for photography of nature, landscapes, objects and symbolic things. The colors and its combinations can be eye-catching or delicate, subtle or in your face, and complementary or contrasting. The season’s leaves come in spectacular shapes,

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Accepting a Web Design Project

Especially when you are at the beginning of your career as a web designer, you may be tempted to accept all sorts of jobs, just to extend your portfolio and gain experience. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as you do need jobs, in order to become an expert, but sometimes you need to learn when to say no. Accepting jobs that don’t suit you or working with difficult clients will only end up causing you more frustration.  But how can you know when to accept a job and when to say “No, thank you.” and move on? Once you are offered a project, start by asking yourself a

When Fast Food Logos Get Mashed Up

As our lives become more hectic, so does our eating. We aren’t necessarily eating more, but eating faster. The way that we live our lives today results in us wanting either fast food or food on-the-go as we simply don’t have time for homecooked meals these days! Many fast food chains aren’t just well-known for their food and beverage offerings, but their logo as well. In fact, most well-established food brands have rarely changed their logos since they first launched many years ago. Logos such as Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are easily recognisable simply by looking at their logo; this is a sign of great branding and establishment of their company.