5 Best Website Wireframe Tools in 2020 for UX/UI Designers

Wireframes are like the blueprints for the website, a landing page, or an app. They are quite important for creating the perfect UX/UI for the app or website. It’s a visual representation outlining the basic structure of any website or app. A wireframe is quite simple and it doesn’t have many elements either. It has simple shapes or elements highlighting where each UI element or content piece will go. A wireframe is simple but quite powerful as you can shift the elements or rearrange them according to your needs. You must create a wireframe first, and then move on to the actual designing. It will help you get the approval

Business expansion: Top tips for scaling your business the right way

First and foremost, there’s no doubt that business expansion is something that should be well and truly celebrated. On the other hand, it’s also something that can result in very dangerous territory. Put simply, you are venturing out of your comfort zone – and this can be the formula that sends your business into complete disarray. At the same time, while it can be risky, the rewards can be terrific. Expanding into new markets or countries can allow your business to reap fantastic profits – but there are right and wrong ways to go about this. Suffice to say, we are going to hone in on the former. We are

Ready for Christmas: How to prepare your retail business

As we all know, some businesses rely on seasonality. In other words, a large chunk of their sales arrive during the same months of every year and suffice to say, Christmas tends to be one of these bigger periods. It means that your results during this period can make or shape your financial year. It would be fair to say that the market has turned on its head significantly over the last few years, and the rise of ecommerce means that the rules have shifted somewhat. However, regardless of whether you operate in the online or offline space, we have put together today’s guide to show you how to universally

Preventing Questionable Emails with the Help of Office 365 Updates

Threats can be hanging out in your business email inbox right now. Find out how a new Office 365 update is being implemented to help catch those suspicious emails Phishing attacks and other malicious email attacks have made their way into the headlines as the seemingly most effective way for hackers to steal valuable information, and many business owners have fallen victim to these attacks. A combination of lacking knowledge among business professionals about email attacks and business email compromise and lacking email security features have been easy to blame for the apparent problems. If your company uses Hosted Exchange or Microsoft Office 365 as the email server, you may

Black Friday Deals For Designers And Developers

We love to discuss with hundreds of web designers and developers and understand which their difficulties are. Most of them tell us that sometimes they spend too much time finding the right web tools and services and testing them. There are tons of heavily advertised solutions and that are complicated to differentiate without spending at least 1-2 weeks of long tests. For all of you, we gathered over 30 web tools and services, solutions that are among the best in their niches, and even more important, solutions that work, that are being constantly updated, that are offering great support, and ROI.  You will find popular WordPress themes and plugins, famous

How To Make A Logo For Your Website In Five Easy Steps

When it comes to branding, designing a logo is an absolutely critical process. They represent your brand and essentially can make you become a recognisable and memorable name, without even reading the brand name. Most are simple. The Golden Arches or Nike Swoosh are iconic globally and if you’re looking to build your business or website, then finding inspiration from the big guns is always helpful. When designing a logo there’s more to think about than you’d perhaps imagine. Below you’ll find all you need to know about building a logo for your website in just five easy steps… 1. Find Your Inspiration Searching for inspiration really is a must.

Does Your Business Sell Products Online? You Need This Tool

The world of ecommerce moves rapidly, and you need tools that let you keep up. Many online retailers have not only evolved from moving out of the offline world, but digitally native vertical businesses everywhere are increasingly turning to a subscription-based model to help get a constant, reliable strain of revenue. If your company so much as even dabbles in subscription sales, you need an ecommerce platform that’s up to the task. Here’s a picture of some of the things the right platform should do for your business. Powerful Analytics It’s easy to maximize revenue through powerful analytics when you have the right platform working for you — it does

How to Design Long-Form Content With Readability in Mind

The line between written content and visual content has become blurred in recent years. Copywriting and design are merging and the best brands are treating their blog posts and sales pages as powerful tools for branding. But the longer you make your content, the more challenging it is to do it well. Why Long-Form Content Works For many years, content marketing was all about short-form content. Brands believed that the best course of action was to publish as much content as they possibly could – preferably stuffed with as many optimized keywords as they could manage – without much emphasis on quality. Read: Easy to Follow SEO Best Practices for

How to Create a Twitter Bot

A Twitter bot refers to an automated agent or an artificial intelligence tool that constantly structures and manages a subscribed twitter account. That is achieved based on the settings preferred by the social media account user. Bots are the main distributors of informative content on the Twitter platform, and most likely, you have interacted with a Twitter bot without knowing it. These bots create automatic schedules for tasks that are relevant to your account. They can easily identify a trending vibe, like, and even retweet some tweets that match specific criteria. A Twitter bot can also follow some twitter users who’ve twitted a certain phrase. You can build a Twitter

Five Effective Website Tools for Successful Event Planning

These days, planning an event- whether a wedding, corporate event, club gathering, or birthday party- requires an online presence. At the very minimum, an email with event details carbon-copied to all attendees, or- if everyone is on Facebook (and who isn’t, these days?)- a Facebook Event page that allows guests to “RSVP” with a single tap. Depending on what your event is, you may be considering having a dedicated website for your event. Here are five services to help you build an effective event website, including tips on figuring out which ones are best for your needs. (Please note that pricing below was current at the time of this post’s

How Website Designers Can Create New Revenue Streams by Monetizing Their Knowledge

Your area of expertise is in web design, but does that mean the only way you can make money is through the hours of work you spend building websites? Of course not.  It’s not just your skills that are valuable. Your knowledge is, too. Monetize Your Knowledge; Create New Revenue Streams Think about how many prospects you’ve spoken to who passed on your proposal either because the price was too high or they convinced themselves that they could do it on their own. Now imagine how many other people share that mentality of “I’ll just do it myself”.  You’ve seen enough websites to know that there are too many people

10 Social Media WordPress Plug-Ins To Keep Your Blog Relevant

We’re nearing the end of 2019, and more and more people have been asking: are blogs still relevant? We like to think that Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and Facebook don’t need to be blog killers, but – like most technology- tools that can be used to enhance our blog readers’ experience. We’re talking about more than just little social media sharing buttons at the bottom of your posts, of course- today’s users, we who tap from one app to another on our smartphones, are looking for something more to bridge the gap between blogs and social networks. Here are our top ten tried and tested WordPress plugins for bridging that gap-