Roundup: Web Design Articles May 22, 2020

Here’s some reading material for you if you’re having a slow Friday or are looking for something to do over the weekend. Enjoy these web design articles! The Fastest Google Fonts The convenience of a service like Google Fonts cannot be overstated. Their ability to serve the tiniest possible font files tailored to specific user agents and platforms is amazing, and with such a huge, freely-available library served from Google-grade CDNs… 12 eye‑catching mobile wallpaper freebies you can get on Dribbble Give your little mobile companion a visual refresh with a brand new wallpaper design! The designs below were created and shared by designers in the Dribbble community just for

WordPress Plugins for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Since Bitcoin started operating in 2009, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge. What started as a crypto and exchange experiment, outside of any established system, is now part of society itself. You don’t need to be an expert in Economics to affirm that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have brought about a complete revolution. And now, Cryptocurrency is not just an emerging digital medium but now an established exchange mechanism. With this, most web developers and businesses find the need to cope up with the changing times and incorporate this into their online platforms. Are you one of them? Take a tour and learn about the best templates and

Roundup: Web Design Articles May 15, 2020

It’s Friday once again, and while there may not be much of a difference between days in these times, it’s nice to mark the coming of the weekend. Actually, I think you have to do it for your sanity. Let’s do that by relaxing a bit and doing some reading. Here is this week’s roundup of web design articles. How to Format a UX Case Study This tutorial is a quick breakdown of how to format a freelance UX case study. Not all sites are the same, but most of them share a similar structure. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to start your own case study by the end of the

Online Stores Design Examples to Emulate in 2020

The US economy was on an upswing — in fact, the United States GDP expanded by 2.3% in 2019. 2020, however, is not looking so hot for the labor force or online retailers. There’s no question that the online shopping world has always been competitive, but the recent economic downturn has turned the competition up to 10. If you want to stand out, you have to do things a bit differently from everyone else. This has led many online stores to focus on tactics like guest posting and online link building —- which can certainly be effective.  But what happens when those users get to your sales page? Are they excited to buy,

Roundup: Web Design Articles May 8, 2020

With the lockdown across nations, you are probably spending more time reading. Whether it’s for pleasure or for work, we’re here to help you fill your time with some reading material. These web design articles are not only about best practices, deals, and trends in the niche but also include feel-good stories that we all need right now. Enjoy! Web Designer Used Her Skill To Help Businesses: Acton Hero When times are tough, heroes emerge. We all know someone who’s making a difference right now as we live through unprecedented times. Master Adobe’s top design tools for just $49 (instead of $1,497) The course covers all aspects of the design

How to Use Instagram To Grow Your Web Design Business

One of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make today is ignoring social media marketing or treating it as an afterthought. This is even more so in an increasingly competitive space like the web design niche where small businesses have to strive to leave the shadows of more established brands with years of history already. Even when some web designers choose to get started on social media, they look at Facebook and ignore Instagram. If you are in this group, you are missing out on a platform that can help you gain a foothold in the industry and land more clients. Here are some statistics that can make you

12 Home Office Setup Ideas for Web Designers and Developers

Coffee, music, YouTube channels, and procrastination— only a handful of things can make your day when it comes to increasing productivity but none of them are as complete as having a home office setup. It makes a world of difference where and how you work especially if you work from home. Hence, some home office setup ideas are in order. The thing is, your creative energy is better used for your job and doing trial and error with what completes your office, we’re here to give you some inspirations or suggestions for your home office setup. This way, all you have to do is select and follow their design philosophies

Tools You Should Know To Protect Bitcoins

The option of cryptocurrencies or electronic currencies for websites is increasingly stronger as a mechanism for the purchase of products and services, not only on the Internet but also in some businesses that have begun to accept this means of payment. During the last edition of the ekoparty, Federico Cardoso gave a workshop on some tools to protect bitcoins and keep them safe. They were divided into three categories: cold storage, hardware wallets, and the multiuser option. Each of these categories has a particular characteristic, which serves to increase security for the user. In the case of cold storage, it refers to keeping a copy of the bitcoins offline to

What Will An Ecommerce Website Need To Stand Out In 2020?

ECommerce is undeniably a buzzword. Many people have been discussing this term for a long time since the Internet was opened to commercial use. Through its history, with many advantages over brick and mortar stores as well as mail-order catalogs, eCommerce has become one of the fastest-growing industries.  Did you know that 25% of the world’s population is shopping online? The number is snowballing, and it’s estimated to hit 2.14 billion global digital buyers in 2021. Many businesses are thriving in the eCommerce industry, and the key to their success lies in the right eCommerce website.  However, it’s an intense competition but also a show for everyone. If you don’t

Important Functionalities for an E-Commerce Theme

As web designers/developers, finding the right theme for a client’s website can be a complicated process. There are several factors to consider – preference, needs, functionality, and even budget. When you first look at themes, aesthetics is often what captures the eye, looks are important and will play an essential role in creating the right environment for your client’s business, but they are only skin deep. The theme’s primary purpose is to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for their customers, and some key functions can ensure it does exactly that. There are different types of e-commerce platforms available, with thousands of themes to choose from, and all with various

12 Yoga Website Designs for Inspiration

Staying fit these days is now more important than ever with the global pandemic having no cure or vaccine yet other than a healthy body. It just so happens that being active is also more difficult because gyms are closed in affected areas. Home workouts like yoga, in that regard, are golden and yoga website designs are paramount in keeping people’s interests. Now, if you’re a website developer and you’re setting up a yoga website for a client or if you just want your own inspiration for reference, then yoga website designs from the industry leaders should help you greatly. They are tried and tested site layouts and formats that

From Concept to Design: How Developers Create Today’s Most Popular Mobile Games

In the past five years, mobile games have exploded in popularity. With the advent of Apple’s App Store, mobile app developers have jumped on the opportunity to create mobile games from scratch on the most popular devices in the world. What Makes a Mobile Game Go Viral? Why is it that some mobile games become widely popular in such a short period of time? There are a number of factors that separate a hit from the rest. One of the main reasons why mobile games go viral is that they have a simple yet engaging interaction concept. There’s a high probability users will share the game with others if they