How Much do Web Development and SEO Cost?

The term web development now not only requires a web developer to build a website, but they also assign to optimize the site structure, performance, and visibility (SEO). Structure – web developer needs to make sure the HTML and PHP coding of the site is clean and well structured. HTML needs to be error-free and PHP needs to follow the standard PHP recommendation. The content of the website also needs properly organize and group so users can easily navigate the site. A well-organized site structure can give Google search engine an idea of what the site’s content is about and properly index them. Performance – speed and user experience, This

16 Colorful and Vibrant Websites for Inspiration

Websites that are vibrant and colorful always sell. Web designers and developers always aim for spectacular websites. There are a wide range of colors to choose from and millions of color combinations available. It is a matter of genius (and sometimes a little bit of crazy) to choose color palettes that inspire. Sometimes, the most unusual combination is what works the best. Here are a few inspirations for vibrant and colorful websites: #1 The Magic of Pastels – Aida Eats #2 Rainbow Color Fun – Angry Birds #3 Lovely Purple Hues – Bao Casino #4 Power of Pink – FPP #5 Nude and Neutrals – Franshals Museum #6 Powder Colors

Get Inspired by These Clever Social Media Ads

Let’s all admit it, the ads is one of the most important parts of a website. The addition of an advertisement in any website creates a chain of benefits. First, advertisements are helpful for consumers. It helps them make decisions regarding their purchases. Second, advertisements are helpful for the brand or product. An ad creates an increased awareness for a product pushing for further success of a brand. Lastly, websites publish ads because it ads monetization and revenue for bloggers. The ads create a stream of income that pays for the time a blogger develops the website and create content. For brand marketers, there are many creative advertising agencies to

15 Landing Page Designs for Console & Mobile Games

[UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2020] The development industry for both mobile and console games has improved over the years and competition for game developers is high. How can a game sell if there is too much competition? The answer is simple – all you need is hype. One of the best ways to hype up and sell a new game is through landing pages. It could go both extremes, either it is very mysterious or very straight forward. Landing pages are great to feature what is great about the game. If players catch on that an irresistible new game abounds, even the simplest 8-bit games could trend and sell millions worldwide. Here

ADA Compliance Guidelines for Websites and Online Brands

Every online business, website or brand, must now make an effort in order to be ADA compliant. While the mass general audience coming to your site will likely have no problems navigating through your content and ordering on your site, there must be complete site accessibility for handicapped individuals that might have visual, hearing and other impairments. Should one ignore these requirements, they might find themselves with unexpected legal action through possible lawsuits, state fees and class action lawsuits from any number of disability and impairment groups. The truth is, just like how anyone has the right to access a local business and purchase anything they like, the same is

Designer’s Guide – Choosing a Cost-Effective Ink for Printing

A designer that works in the digital design field knows the values of good ink. The colors and prints quality of digital media and advertisement prints is important when presenting your work to your client. An unbalance and washed-out colors or low-quality prints will ruin your work and future portfolio. If you are a designer with a Canon printer then you may be sick of paying exorbitant amounts of money to get your ink but not know how to get the same or better quality at a lower price. The good news is that there are a couple of different options when it comes to finding the best manufacturer and

Why UX Personas Matter in Web Design (+2 Persona Examples)

What’s the one thing that designers, coders, and writers all seek in unison? Besides an easy to work with clients, of course.  It’s clarity.  When achieved, it makes quick work of even the most daunting task. If absent, even a mind-numbingly menial job can break a seasoned professional down to tears.  It’s always a lack of clarity that leads to mismatched expectations, missed deadlines, and huge changelogs.  But, just how is a UX designer supposed to gain clarity on a project when (s)he is designing something for an entire demographic rather than a person? Won’t different people have different expectations? The answer as it turns out is quite simple. You

Tips on How to Create an Engaging Website Design

Since it’s 2020 and we’re living in a world of the internet and all things visual, your website design has become increasingly important. So much that over 94% of internet users choose to trust a site based on its design. A well-built, organized, and optimized website drives more qualified traffic, providing better user experience. When potential prospects come across a well-designed website with clear and transparent navigation, they’re far more likely to do what’s expected of them. In terms of e-commerce business, an effective user interface, clear navigation, and engaging content all lead to increased lead generation and conversions. Since modern consumers are all about user experience, here’s how to

6 Common SEO Mistakes Most Web Designers Make (And How To Avoid Them)

To build a truly great website, you need more than just design. You need a website that’s ready to take advantage of the most important web traffic source: search engines. Google is used for 6.3 billion searches every day. The information that searchers find determines where and what they buy online. The sites that don’t appear in search engines because they aren’t properly optimized may as well not exist.   That’s why most web design clients expect their designers to understand and implement the basics of search engine optimization (SEO). If you can offer this service to your clients, you can outbid your competitors by providing more value and better websites. 

Fall Leaves and Pumpkins: Design Inspiration for the Season

The autumn season is almost here and there is no better way to warm up to it than fall leaves and pumpkin-inspired designs. We are seeing a lot of red and orange hues every fall and it makes internet users feel warmer as the air becomes colder. Different website elements could be designed with fall leaves and pumpkins, a different take than the normal Halloween motif. Nothing homier than fall-inspired web design. Here are a few inspiring autumn design elements featuring fall leaves and pumpkins: Fall-Inspired Landing Pages The image below shows a simple landing page design featuring fall leaves. It is very simplistic and features different hues of red

What Are Wireframes, Mockups, and Prototypes?

App design can be challenging and time-consuming. Best practices claim that design takes 30% of total development time. Due to design complexity, UI/UX designers follow specific approaches focused on wireframes, mockups, and prototypes. Being a junior designer, it can be complicated to understand the difference among these concepts. In this guide, we’ll cover their peculiarities and differences.  What Are Wireframes? Wireframes stand for a schematic visualization of the product. Designers put on wireframes the most significant parts on the project like buttons, links, and more. As a result, it’s possible to see the app logic and the screens’ connections. Wireframes tend to be the first step in the design process.

How Much to Charge for Freelance Graphic Design

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably looking for the answer to, “How Much To Charge For Freelance Graphic Design?” When you’ve decided to go freelance with your craft, one of the most daunting tasks is deciding on your rates. You wouldn’t want it too low that you’d be underpaid, but you also don’t want to go way above your skill. So how do you set your rates for your future clients? Before we start telling you on how much you should charge your clients, remember one thing: There are no formulas. You can’t really put a price on your skills, your experience, and even the quality of work. Moreover,