Photoshop Basics: How to Deselect in Photoshop

How to deselect in Photoshop is a basic, but essential, skill. The Select Tool on Photoshop allows the users to choose specific areas of an image. These selected parts of an image may be edited, zoomed, or deleted. Basic Photoshop is a much-needed skill in photography. Image Source: Pixabay Understanding Select tools Keeping a good understanding of the Select tools is necessary to master Photoshop. Also, having a clear understanding of which select tools to use will also give ample knowledge of how to deselect in Photoshop. Here are the basic Select Tools available in Photoshop: Marquee Tools: Rectangular Marquee Tool: This is the most basic selection tool in Photoshop.

Functional Design Rules to Go By In Web Design

In creating websites, design is of utmost importance. Web design helps you build your brand and it tells your customer what kind of business you have. Subconsciously, people are naturally drawn more to things that are visually pleasing. In fact, a Stanford study said that 75% of users base a company’s credibility on its visual design. When it comes to designing, there are two kinds: creative design and functional design. Something that’s eye-catching is not necessarily a good design. There are times when function is a priority in design. Creative and Functional Image Credit: Paldesk Creative design’s purpose is to make a product look good. The designs are usually eye-catching, unique,

The Anatomy of a Food Ordering System in Restaurants

As times change, so do the demands of people. Nowadays, it’s much more practice for people to stay in the comfort of their homes and wait for the food to arrive instead of the other way around. Food delivery is nothing new where people call in the restaurant to place their orders for delivery. But some food chains are much savvier with taking deliveries. Instead of just phone calls, they take customer orders via their app or a third-party vendor that has an app. In this post, we’ll dive into the food ordering system and how you as restaurant owners can leverage it to your advantage if you want to

14 Ways to Utilize Videos on Your Home and Landing Pages

Heard the hype about landing page videos and realize you need one for your website? Landing page videos can increase conversion rates by 53%! But what kind of web-based video design should you feature on your homepage?  While explainer, testimonial, presentation, and advertising videos are the most common video content used by marketers, there is a myriad of different ways for you to deploy video website marketing techniques on your landing page in 2020. Need some inspiration? Try some of these 15 landing page video examples to get your creative juices flowing. 1. Teaser Video  (Image Source) Creative branding firm, Whiteboard, places a teaser video at the first scrolling point on its

Photoshop Basics: How to Zoom in Photoshop

How to zoom in photoshop is one of the most basic, yet important, know-how when learning how to use Photoshop. Usually zooming an image allows for detailed editing. Or simply put, to get a better view of the portion of an image being edited. Please remember one important thing: simply zooming in on a section of the photo does not change the image in any way. It is simply allowing a user to view pixelation of the image clearly. Copying a zoomed-in (or zoomed-out) image onto a new canvas will simply copy the photo as its original. Scaling an image is resizing an image into its bigger or smaller versions. Cropping a photo reduces

Blog Designs with Killer Typography

A killer design is one thing – but one that also uses the right typography is (in my opinion) on a whole other level compared to those that just ‘look pretty‘. Typography is needed with blog designs because, well, the blog is built to speak your mind, right? So, if your blog isn’t readable then it fails to do its job. So today I’m going to show you awesome blog designs that have killer typography and also do a well-rounded job of making things look nice and also making things readable. I hope you enjoy the inspiration. Chris Wilhite Design ↓ Burciaga ↓ Salt in our Hair ↓ Cirq ↓

9 Beginner Photoshop Tutorials

Digital skills are very important nowadays. As the internet and technology govern more aspects of our daily lives, learning a few digital skills could be helpful in the long run. Beginner Photoshop tutorials are everywhere and are available on almost any platform. Is Photoshop hard to learn? The answer could be both a yes and a no. Yes, since all the resources are available (paid or free) with just one click on the internet. And no, if people don’t actually exert time and effort to learn the skill. It is not something that could be perfected overnight. However, starting up a lesson is the first step to learn how to

5 Beautiful Ecommerce Landing Page Examples For Your Online Store

Running an ecommerce site is all about making sales. That means driving as much traffic and converting them into as many customers as you can. Aside from your product pages, you have to consider creating landing pages that showcase your collection or promote your current promos. Ecommerce landing pages are not much different from B2B landing pages. But you need to be aware of the nuances in online shopping to help you design a page that will compel people into signing up or buying your products. Below are ecommerce landing page examples to inspire you to create one for your online shop so you can increase your sales. Savile Row

Testing and Staging Environments in eCommerce Implementation

ECommerce implementation is not easy. It requires careful planning and execution from the developer’s part. One way to look into it is to ensure proper testing. In this article, we will look at the testing and staging environments in eCommerce implementation. Is SDLC enough? Is Testing Required? Before we go and do so, let’s quickly check out the Software development Lifecycle (SDLC) which is at the cornerstone of any development out there. The SDLC involves multiple stages including planning, design, analysis, maintenance, deployment, and of course testing. However, right now, it is hard to follow the strict flow of SDLC. This is where agile development comes in. In any of

10 Free Wix Templates for Different Blog Niches

Thinking of starting a new blog? Maybe looking to create a new business online? How about wanting to try to sell goods on the internet? Wix is one of the most popular opensource website builders which are friendly for first-time web designers or non-code website builders. The Wix website offers thousands of free templates for almost any niche and blog idea possible. The best thing about these templates is that they are easily customizable to fit designers’ artistic visions. Here are a few free Wix templates available for the most popular blog niches: #1 Anything about Pets The pet niche is quite a popular blog idea this year. New websites

6 Advanced Cryptocurrency WordPress Themes

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to be popular, as some companies currently allow cryptocurrency transactions. Without an intermediary or central authority, most people are investing in cryptocurrencies. It is safe and will continue to generate a return on investment over the next few years. Some investors are leveraging this trend and are involved in cryptocurrency trading and mining, as well as online consulting services offered through blogs. If you are already nursing an online cryptocurrency project, launching with new and innovative technologies can help your site stay competitive in the cryptocurrency market. If you want to provide web services such as branding site, mining site, trading site, ICO site, blog and media

Virtual Currency: WordPress Themes & HTML Templates

With the rapid spread of virtual currencies, demand for WordPress themes and HTML templates that can be used on virtual currency-related services and ICO sites is increasing. You don’t have to build your own website from scratch and you don’t have to spend a lot of money hiring designers and engineers. Even beginners can easily create a website. Recently, various WordPress theme templates that are useful for virtual currencies, mainly overseas, have been delivered one after another. I’ve put together some of the most convenient and useful WordPress themes & HTML templates for virtual currency projects. If you are starting a related project or business, do check these out: Crypterio