My Top 10 Most Popular Tutorials from 2023

2023 is coming to an end, so let’s take a look back at my tutorial videos from the past year and see which topics proved to be the most popular. My Neon effect Photoshop tutorial from a couple of years ago has continued to dominate as my top piece of content, gaining another 500,000 views to increase its total view count to 2.6 million views since it was published. Interestingly, my number one my popular upload this year saw an extremely negative reaction when it was first uploaded and was by far my most disliked video, but it has since gone on to become one of my best performing videos.

► Midjourney AI Brings My Son’s TOY to LIFE!
► Grainy Photocopy Effect Photoshop Tutorial
► Double Exposure in Midjourney, Is It Better Than Photoshop?
► The GRADIENT BLUR Trick for Creating GLOWING Text Effects in Photoshop
► Illustrator Typography: How to Create Custom Script Type
► How To Create Detailed VINTAGE Text Effects The EASY Way!
► Fun Midjourney AI Prompt Ideas for Car Lovers!
► Grainy Gradient Heatmap Photoshop Tutorial
► Photoshop AI Generative Fill – How To Get & Example Uses
► Midjourney Beginners Tutorial – Getting Started & Creating Your First AI Art

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