8 CSS & JavaScript Snippets for Creating Unique Photo Galleries

Photo galleries are a must-have feature for just about every type of website. Businesses, non-profits, and bloggers alike can use them to inform and entertain visitors.

It’s also a feature that inspires a high level of creativity. That makes perfect sense, as the ability to present images uniquely helps you stand out.

Web designers are taking advantage. They’re using the latest CSS and JavaScript techniques to create abstract layouts and compelling special effects. Everything from enhancing the basic grid gallery to otherworldly user interfaces is being developed.

With that in mind, here are eight unique photo galleries to help inspire your next project.

CSS Animated Mini Photo Gallery by Alvaro Montoro

Size is the standout feature of this photo gallery snippet. Traditionally, galleries tend to take up large portions of our screens. This “mini” gallery turns that practice on its head, with animated transitions packed into a tiny space. And it requires zero JavaScript!

See the Pen animated Mini Photo Gallery by Alvaro Montoro

Sliding Image Track with CSS & JavaScript by Hyperplexed

This gallery also makes efficient use of space while adding interactivity to the mix. Swipe the gallery horizontally to both reveal images and experience a cool parallax effect. The whole presentation is attractive but subtle.

See the Pen Sliding Image Track by Hyperplexed

Accordion CSS Image Gallery by Stefan C.

Accordion UIs are incredibly flexible. Sure, they can hold plain text content – but where’s the fun in that? We’re starting to see them used more for multimedia, as is the case with this silky-smooth gallery.

See the Pen Accordion Image Gallery by Stefan C.

Hexagon Gallery in CSS by Gabriela Johnson

How about going beyond basic squares and rectangles? Thanks to features like CSS -clip-path, all kinds of interesting shapes are possible. Here we have a beautiful hexagonal grid with some slick hover effects added in for good measure.

See the Pen Hexagon Gallery by Gabriela Johnson

Responsive CSS Photo Gallery Grid with Lightbox by Majed

Adding a lightbox to a gallery has traditionally required JavaScript. That’s no longer the case, as this responsive snippet displays full-sized images via CSS. In addition, the use of CSS grid and flexbox makes for a gorgeous masonry layout. There’s a lot to like here.

See the Pen Responsive Photo Gallery Grid with Lightbox and – No Script by Majed

Layered Horizontal Scroll Gallery with CSS by Ivan Bogachev

Check out the stunning level of detail in this horizontal gallery. Each image is carefully layered, with various opacity levels creating a seamless look. Hovering over an image reveals its full-color view, while scrolling unlocks animated transitions.

See the Pen Horizontal Scroll Gallery (Locomotive Scroll) by Ivan Bogachev

Flex Image Gallery with Hover Effect by Cynthia Costa

Perfect for portfolios, this gallery uses Flexbox to power a full-width masonry layout. Captions are revealed upon hovering, as is the image’s true color. And each image can be hyperlinked so visitors can learn more. It also adjusts beautifully to smaller screens.

See the Pen Flex image gallery with hover effect by Cynthia Costa

Puzzle Grid Gallery by Goran Rakic

Here’s another example of a gallery that takes the idea of shape to another level. Hover over an area of this puzzle to reveal the full image. Given the level of visual complexity, it’s also impressive to see that this snippet still works well on mobile devices.

See the Pen Puzzle Grid Gallery by Goran Rakic

Photo Galleries as a Work of Art

There’s nothing wrong with a basic photo gallery. But there are also times when it pays to kick things up a notch. The snippets above are perfect examples.

Artfully presenting images entices users to interact. And it doesn’t have to come at the cost of performance, thanks to modern CSS and JavaScript. Nor does it mean a clunky mobile experience. Galleries can maintain their looks and functionality across screens.

We hope you found inspiration in these incredible galleries! And if you’re looking for even more examples, check out our CodePen collection.

8 CSS & JavaScript Snippets for Creating Unique Photo Galleries Medianic.

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