8 CSS & JavaScript Snippets for Animating Words

There are plenty of ways to make text stand out. It could be as simple as placing it in an HTML heading. You might apply color or other basic formatting styles. But that’s only scratching the surface of what is possible.

Modern CSS and JavaScript techniques are capable of so much more. Individual letters can dance across the screen in highly-sequenced animations. Special effects can add 3D-like depth, while masking introduces textures to the presentation.

If you’re looking to grab a user’s attention – you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a collection of CSS and JavaScript snippets that will bring your words to life.

The following snippets run the gamut with regard to complexity and potential use cases. And they’re all sure to stand out. Here we go!

Falling Words CSS Effects by Gayane Gasparyan

Here’s one way to dissect a paragraph. This JavaScript-powered animation takes words and piles them up at the bottom of the screen. You can also drag and toss them about. This effect could be a great way to enhance an old-school tag cloud.

See the Pen Falling Words by Gayane Gasparyan

Jello Stretchy Variable Font by Pete Barr

Sometimes a special effect can add context to a word. This squishy take on “Jello” is a perfect example. It jiggles – just like the popular dessert. A variable font is used along with SVG to create this bouncy masterpiece.

See the Pen Jello Stretchy Variable Font by Pete Barr

Montserrat Text Animation by Claire Larsen

Stylized text works great for logos and titles. But when you add movement, it takes things to a whole other level. Here we have a Google font that has been brought to life with some colorful animation.

See the Pen Text Animation:Montserrat by Claire Larsen

Move to Mars! by Jamie Coulter

Even if you’re not ready to move to the red planet, this animation is otherworldly. The load sequence of the elements is an attention-getter, for sure. And it also fits perfectly with the retro aesthetic of the presentation. We might just book a flight.

See the Pen Move to Mars! A CSS only booking form by Jamie Coulter

Kinetic Typing Animation by Daybrush

Why settle for a boring old resume when you can do something unique? That’s the premise of this developer’s animated skills. It makes excellent use of typography, along with a simple color scheme.

See the Pen Scene.js Kinetic Typing Animation by Daybrush

Rainbow Text Hover Animation by Sarah Fossheim

Here’s proof that you don’t need to go overboard with movement. A CSS conic gradient was used to create the delightful “rainbow” effect on this text. Hovering transforms it to use a singular color.

See the Pen Rainbow text hover animation by Sarah Fossheim

Simple Neon Text Effect by Mohammad H Alijany

Add this snippet to the “less is more” category. A simple neon text effect brings contrast here, but the little details make it even better. The intermittent dimming of the text adds both fun and realism.

See the Pen NEON TEXT by Mohammad H Alijany

NITW Text Animation by cpsdqs

There’s so much to love about this presentation. It’s simple, fun, and subtle. The movement of individual letters is noticeable – but not distracting. And there’s a television-like quality to its look. Plus, the interactive elements serve to enhance the experience.

See the Pen NITW Text Animation by cpsdqs

More Than Words Alone Can Say

The ability to dress up text with code opens the door to creativity. Under the right circumstances, movement and interactivity are welcome additions to a website.

And sometimes, it’s the simplest things that make the most significant difference. Sure, it’s possible to create cinematic effects. But subtlety can also stand out effectively. The great thing is that you get to decide what works best for your messaging.

If you’d like to see even more ways to enhance your words, check out our CodePen collection.

8 CSS & JavaScript Snippets for Animating Words Medianic.

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